Psalm 10 - Why do You stand afar off, O Lord?
In LXX Psalm 9 and 10 are one psalm.
For that reason, I used the same tune for both Psalms.
I memorized both, and sang one after the other.
I think strongly that  the MT is correct on this, that these are 2 different psalms.
Psalm 9 is a prayer under affliction. Psalm 10 is more philosophical about how the wicked thinks and why God hides Himself.
I personally do not think that David wrote this Psalm, but he did write Psalm 9. I think the style in Psalm 10 is more philosophical than David, and also the content of Psalm 10 does not match any time in David's life.
v1 - There are 2 questions in this psalm: v1 and v13.  The answer to the question in v1 is partly answered in v11. The question in v13 is answered in the same verse.
v2 - This explains what the troublous times are.

We should not be lofty nor crafty. Being lofty will enable us to rationalize oppression of others. If we are crafty we will be caught in our own cleverness. It is better to be straight and simple.
v3 - We shouldn't be impressed when someone boasts of his great ambitions. They may be for some great work that man esteems as a great good. The world honors this. We should do it unto the Lord and look for the reward from the Lord, not men's admiration.

The wicked likes others to envy him. That is his enjoyment. Covetous people are useful to him for his purposes. The world promotes greed.
v4 - The Lord rebuked the Pharisees that they should be like the Queen of Sheba who sought wisdom so much that she came from the end of the earth (South Africa) to hear the wisdom of Solomon (Matt 12:42). All Christians who enter the kingdom must be like the merchant man, seeking goodly pearls (Matt 13:45-46; Rev 21:21).  
Though the Queen of Sheba was a queen and very rich in gold, she was not too proud to seek wisdom from others.
The wicked has pride of countenance which causes him not to seek. Because he doesn't seek, he thinks there is no use for God (Matt 22:5).
v5 - It is not a blessing to have your ways always succeed.  Because the Lord's judgments are not immediate and not according to outward appearance, he doesn't see them.
The fact that the Lord allows suffering and evil to take place today, is something easy for most people to understand, but it is too high for the lofty minded.
v6 - This deception can happen to the children of God. David said it happened to him (Ps 30:6).
The world tries to sell this lie with false securities.
We need to number our days, never thinking that we will be here in this life forever (Ps 90:12).
v7 - This is the result of thinking he will never fall in the previous verse.Underneath his tongue is something hidden.
vv8-9 - This sounds like today's SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center).
v10 - The previous verses all tell how proud he is, but he puts on a convincing show of humility.
v11 - This refers back to the question in v1. Lord, why do You hide Yourself? To give the wicked the choice to be wicked.
v12 - This and v15 are the only requests in this psalm. (Maybe also v2b.) When the Lord seems to be sleeping, we may need to wake Him up.
v13 - The 2nd question in this psalm. The answer immediately follows.
v14 - The 2nd 1/2 of this verse is one of my favorites.
v17 - a complete contrast to the wicked man.  The Lord hears the desire of the heart of the humble, even if they don't speak it.
v18 - This psalm is not about Satan, but about mortal men.

updated 2/16/2011
copyright 2010 Steve Miller