Psalm 67 - Overcomer - Races will Praise You, All of Them

I put this psalm to music shortly before my 67th birthday.
I think this psalm is the conclusion of the preceding psalm.
heading - "On Stringed Instruments" is from MT.
"of David" is from LXX.
v1 The priestly blessing. Num 6:24-25.
In Num 6:24-25 the Lord first caused His face to shine to them and then gave them grace.
Here He gives grace first and then causes His face to shine through us. This is a big advancement, for God not just to shine to us, but through us. This is humanly impossible. God gives us grace to do it. (Eph 3:8-11)
This blessing is for us, Israel, including the saved nations.
The Selah at the end of this verse is unusual because it occurs in the middle of a sentence. v2 continues this sentence giving the purpose for v1. The Selah tells us to emphasize v1. This verse is not just the means to achieve v2. It is a fantastic thing in itself, but it is not an end in itself, but only works if it is for the purpose given in v2.
The only way in which Israel can communicate this thought to the nations of the earth is by herself receiving God's blessing. - H. C. Leupold
v2 - The reason for the blessings in v1 is so that God's way and salvation be made known in all the nations.
This salvation made known to all nations must be the salvation through Jesus Christ. Titus 2:11; etc
This short psalm mentions the nations 8 times. Israel is referred to in this psalm as "us".
There are 3 words used for the gentile nations in this psalm:
goyim - nations mainly as a political entity 1x (see Ps 2:1 and note)
leumim - mainly as people groups within nations and transcending nations 2x (see Ps 2:1 & note)
amim - mainly as races composed of individuals. 5x (Gen 25:8)
v2 salvation known in all nations (goyim)
v3 races (amim) will praise You 2x
v4 people groups (leumim) rejoice and sing
for You will judge races (amim) uprightly
and people groups (leumim) on earth, You will lead them
v5 races (amim) will praise You 2x

Those prayed for are referred to by a variety of terms ("peoples, nations, nationalities") which, taken together, are surely designed to include all the groups that dwell upon the face of the earth.
One might say that this psalm is one of the clearest expressions of the thought that Israel is to be God's priest to the nations (Exo 19:5-6). The nation Israel as a whole was not always clear as to its destiny nor mindful of it. But this is one of the psalms that expresses this noble destiny most directly and enters into the spirit of it. - H. C. Leupold
All nations need salvation, but many of them do not know it, desire it, or seek it; our prayer and labour should be, that the knowledge of salvation may become as universal as the light of the sun. Despite the gloomy notions of some, we cling to the belief that the kingdom of Christ will embrace the whole habitable globe, and that all flesh shall see the salvation of God: for this glorious consummation we agonize in prayer. - C. H. Spurgeon
v3 - exactly repeated in v5.
Members of every race will praise God as a result of vv1-2.
v4 - I am surprised that the reason the nations rejoice is because God will judge them uprightly. Maybe this is after intense suffering as in the previous psalm.
God will not only judge them, but lead them. This is the New Testament leading of the Spirit. Rom 8:14
v5 - Exact repeat of v3
The repetition of v3 in v5 makes this verse, which is practically the keynote, a refrain. - H. C. Leupold
v6 - The increase would be people getting saved and growing in the Lord from among the nations.
 And God, even our own God, shall bless us. He will make earth's increase to be a real blessing. ... We never love God aright till we know him to be ours, and the more we love him the more we long to be fully assured that he is ours. ... Every believing Jew must feel a holy joy at the thought that the nations shall be blessed by Abraham's God; but every Gentile believer also rejoices that the whole world shall yet worship the God and Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is our Father and our God. - Spurgeon
v7 - I don't think this is the millenium. I think it is God's salvation going out to all the earth.
The prayer of the first verse is the song of the last. We have the same phrase twice, and truly the Lord's blessing is manifold; he blesses and blesses and blesses again.- Spurgeon

- Steve Miller
copyright 11/22/2020